With Gratitude to our Member-Owners

Gratitude is especially significant at times like these, and we are grateful every day for our community and the many ways we support one another. One way we as a co-op benefit from this support is from investment by individuals and businesses in our community who purchase member shares. A member share provides ownership in this cooperative grocery store and gives the investor an equal voice and vote within the Co-op. This is unique to most other businesses. We look with hope toward our future, and believe that local businesses and community members will be the drivers getting all of us through the uncertainties to come. We can and will do this together.

In awe and gratitude to all of our 1031 member owners supporting us. And a special shout-out to our most recent investors and member-owners: Sandra P., Eashaan V., Kathleen H., Jerry G., Wendy F., Stacey B., Bob S., Barbara S., Dylan N., Bulent U., Glynis W., Wendy F. Thank you!

Are you interested in learning more about membership? Join Today! If you have more questions, email us at info@cedarfallsfood.coop or leave a voice message at 319-535-0281. We’ll be happy to talk further with you!

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