Purchase a Co-op Member Share to Gift this Holiday Season or Donate to our Scholarship Fund

Every year, at this time, member-owners and other friends ask us about giving the gift of a co-op member-owner share to a loved one. We have had parents gift memberships to adult children and vice versa, businesses gift memberships to employees, and friends gift memberships to one another. It’s a “feel good” experience to provide this gift that will keep on giving for many years to come.

As the holiday season is upon us, we would like to provide you with information here about how to gift a member share for your loved one. It’s an easy process:

Go to our web link: http://www.cedarfallsfood.coop/join-today/

  • Fill out an online form and pay with your credit card or
  • Print out a form and send it in with your check
  • Put as much detail about the recipient as you can on the form (we’ll have them fill out their own form once the gift is given)
  • On the form, or in a separate email to us (outreach@cedarfallsfood.coop), provide your contact information so that we may send you the details to give to your loved one during the holiday time.

A final note on giving: if you do not have someone in mind to give a gift of a member share, please consider donating to our scholarship program here. Every year during National Co-op Month (October), we offer scholarships to individuals who might otherwise find it difficult to purchase a member share. Your donations allow us to continue to provide this service.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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