Member Share Scholarship Update

In this season of giving, we are excited to announce that five member share scholarships were recently awarded, thanks to the generosity of other Co-op member-owners! As noted in last month’s Garlic Press newsletter, we opened up our second scholarship season, offering $100 scholarship opportunities for community members who have been unable to purchase a member share due to financial constraints.

October is National Co-op Month, and we were thrilled to be able to celebrate by giving back in this important way. Scholarship recipients pay half of the total member share cost of $200. Support for this scholarship program comes through donations from member-owners.

We hope to be able to offer this scholarship opportunity each October, if funds are available. If you are interested in donating to our scholarship fund (not tax-deductable), you can go online to do so here:

If you missed this scholarship season but wish to apply for a future scholarship, email us at and we’ll let you know when the application season opens again next year. We are grateful for these opportunities to continue to grow our co-op community!

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