945 and growing! Onward to 1000!

Wow! Your community co-op is almost 1000 member-owners strong and we want to thank all of you for what you continue to do to help us grow! From our incorporation in 2014, member-owners started investing with 42 individuals purchasing member shares that first month (October). The following October (2015), we had a total of 252 member-owners, and this amazing growth has continued. Last April, we hit 760 member-owners and grew almost 200 more this past year! Whether you invested in October of 2014 or just last week, we welcome and honor all 945 of you. We also encourage you to continue to spread the word as the more who invest, the sooner we can get our storefront.


If you have not yet invested, please consider doing so. For a $200 investment, you have an equal voice and a say in how our co-op is run through electing our board. The cooperative is a democratically-run business meaning that no one member-owner has more of a say than any other. Ahead of our doors opening, each member-owner receives discounts and deals when they show their member card at one of these 75+ local businesses. This is truly an investment in your community. Help us get to 1000 member-owners soon! http://www.cedarfallsfood.coop/join-today/


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