From the Coordinator: July 2018

Wow! This community really wants a food co-op. Here are just some of the ways we worked together for another record-breaking June, getting us closer to opening the doors…



There was a virtual revolving door at 250 State Street at a co-op party hosted by member-owners Jim and LeAnne Sprau. The buzz over the future food co-op around downtown Cedar Falls was electric. “Sign me up!” became the mantra that evening, which ended with 9 new member-owners! Huge thanks to Jim and LeAnne as well as other house-party hosts in June: Dianna LaPole Geiger, Glenn Keith and Michelle Jungers, and Ethan Wiechmann. More member-hosted gatherings, which are a great way to introduce new people to the Co-op, are in the works – let me know if you have an event planned or want help planning one.



We started the month of June with 765 member-owners and an ambitious goal to reach 850 by the month’s end. In addition to the aforementioned gatherings, member-owners shared Facebook posts, reached out to friends and neighbors, marched alongside Rooty in the Sturgis parade, and proudly wore Co-op t-shirts and carried Co-op tote bags. They also continue to display Co-op yard signs. Member-owners definitely made it happen – we ended our month with 846 member-owners, and we hit a record number of new members for one month with 81!





June brought new volunteers, events, and community partnerships. We were thrilled to partner with Randolph Bryan of Cottonwood Canyon for a plus-one event with live music and delicious food where 6 new member-owners joined for a chance to win a kayak. Did you see it at Cottonwood Canyon or around town? Thanks to Scott at The Runner’s Flat and Nick at Second State for displaying the kayak, and member-owner Tara Sundt for volunteering to transport it between venues. Speaking of Second State, everyone is invited there to celebrate the record month of June at the next Co-op Connections on Thursday, July 12 from 5 – 6:45 p.m. Raise a pint in celebration and be on hand for the drawing to find out who will be the lucky kayak owner.





Several committee members headed to Decorah mid-June to see Oneota Community Food Co-op. We are grateful for the in-depth tour provided by outreach manager, Phil showing us what we can look forward to when the Cedar Falls Food Co-op opens. This 8,000 square foot store is in the heart of downtown Decorah with a community kitchen space right next door. Thanks to Kelsey Hammers-Park for creating an informative video, which provides a taste of what’s to come in Cedar Falls. Check out the video HERE!





With each new member-owner, we gain even more momentum. There’s no reason why July 2018 can be just as exciting. Member-owners are making it happen. Thank you all for your support in bringing this community-owned business to the Cedar Valley.


So I say once more, Wow!


Melanie Drake

Outreach Coordinator







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