Member Spotlight: Joel Moorhead

Joel Moorhead graduated from Central Washington University with a degree in Communica-tions. He is originally from Seattle WA and has lived in the area for ten years. Joel moved to Iowa to open a Little Caesar’s franchise with his brother. He met his wife, Laura, a few years later on Running a business took a lot of his time, and there was not much time to meet people. Laura attended UNI where she earned her degree in Sociology and was working at TransAmerica when they bought the Budget Blinds business which serves the Waterloo, Cedar Falls, and Waverly communities. Joel and Laura have been married five years and have two sons, Max is 4, and Alex is 2. They sold Little Caesar’s on Alex’s birthday and started Budget Blinds in 2012. Laura is currently running the family business and is a member of the Junior League. They are also members of the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Chamber of Commerce and have been members of the Cedar Falls Food Co-op about two years. Joel is actively working as an independent Franchise Consultant nationwide

Joel likes the big, small-town feel of the Cedar Valley. There are a lot of options within the community. There is plenty to do, but the area is small enough to get to know your neighbors. They live close to the Main St. area and walk to the many delicious restaurants such as Ginger Ty and Whiskey Road, but they enjoy all of the restaurants. They also like Asian Fusion and all the Microbreweries. There are so many wonderful places to go in the area.

Joel does most of the shopping and cooking for the family and will enjoy having the Co-op store close by so he can walk or bike there for locally sourced foods. He especially likes Mexi-can food and recently made Vietnamese spring rolls for the first time. They actually turned out really good! Maybe he will share the recipe with us?

Joel and Laura both like to scuba and are certified. They love sailing. Joel grew up sailing. They go to Hot Yoga classes, and rock climb at UNI. They also take advantage of the many bike trails and all other outdoor activities. They both enjoy international travel and go at least 2 to 3 times a year. They have a trip to Prague and Greece coming up. Two places they have not traveled to yet, so exciting! Their kids, Alex and Max, have been on several trips with them as well.

Summer and fall are the two seasons Joel likes the best. He likes the heat of the summer, then the cooling off that happens in the fall while watching football.

Please join us at one the Co-op events and say hello to Joel, Laura, Alex, and Max.

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