Members Add Value to Their Investment by Making Gifts of Membership to Others

Cindy and Russ Dodd felt so strongly about their investment soon after purchasing their own member share that they bought shares for their children. As Cindy puts it, “Purchasing Cedar Falls Food Co-op memberships was an opportunity to invest in Cedar Falls. Both of our children live here and enjoy healthy food. We believe in shopping locally and knew it would be fun for our families to be part of this business from the beginning and watch it progress. This is a gift that will give back for years.” And as is evident from this photo of the Dodd family, the impact of these share purchases extends beyond the member-owner to several other household members.

Of course, families are probably not the only ones on your holiday gift list this year.

The Co-op has received gift member share purchases for co-workers, friends, and a day care provider. Perhaps you are a boss and would like to gift member-ownerships to your staff? Maybe you would like to buy a membership for your child’s teacher? Is $200 more than you would normally spend on a gift? You can start a membership with our partial payment plan.


Anyone can join the Co-op by putting money toward a member share purchase (suggested payment is $50 over four months, but we’ll work with any budget). You can join online or print out a member application to mail in. There are so many ways to gift a membership of the Co-op. And as Cindy Dodd points out, it’s the gift that keeps giving!



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