So Excited We’re Fainting!

July gets hot here in the Cedar Valley! Our newest member of the business partner program is no stranger to heat & yes…a little bit of fainting.


FaintingGoatWe are very excited to announce…and you may want to sit down for this one just in case…that The Fainting Goat Smokehouse Bar & Grill from Waverly, IA has graciously decided to offer our wonderful family of founding members a whopping 15% off of your dine-in meals at their delicious restaurant!


We love, love, love that our business partner program continues to mushroom outside of the Cedar Falls city limits because it is our vision to cater to the entire Cedar Valley community. We will all benefit from a full-service, cooperatively-owned grocery store in Cedar Falls!! And now our members will benefit by saving a healthy chunk of change when they dine-in at The Fainting Goat!! A veteran-owned farm-to-table concept with local Iowa beer on tap & beef, pork and poultry all are raised right here in Iowa, to support our Iowan farmers! Grill fresh. Grill local.


We are so grateful to all of our business partners for their trust & support in the efforts of the Cedar Falls Food Co-op. Be sure to take your member card with you when you go out & about and take advantage of these offers! It’s good for all of us & our community as a whole. Finally, please check out our online business partner specials page for a full listing of all of our current business partners and the full details of each offer as sometimes restrictions may apply. Thanks!

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