Member Spotlight: Wyatt Vucic

Wyatt VucicAny place you can eat good food feels like home. That’s a lesson you might learn from the story of Cedar Falls Food Co-op member Wyatt Vucic. Wyatt loves to travel and his travel mantra goes something like this: “Venture aimlessly, do an activity, stumble upon a hidden pub or café, enjoy the local menu, laugh, remember and repeat. ” The desire to connect with a place lead him to involvement in a community garden during a six month stay in Austria, and it is also what lead him here, to the Cedar Falls Food Co-op.

“I just moved here from the Quad Cities this past summer to open up a new local franchise: Batteries + Bulbs,” Wyatt explained. “Prior to coming to the area I did a lot of research. One of the things I searched for was local markets. I’m always looking for a great market to see the different things offered and more importantly be able to purchase locally. I discovered the co-op in my searches, started reading into it and it grabbed my attention. I thought it would be a great way to meet people (being new to the area), a great way to introduce Batteries + Bulbs in a natural way, not just going around handing out business cards—all while being a part of something that I am passionate about: healthy living and being sustainable.”

Wyatt is excited about being part of bringing local food to the Cedar Valley. He’s glad the local food movement is happening, but wants to be part of the co-op because, “[local food] is one of those things that should remain timeless and hopefully this newfound obsession with local will instill that in people’s minds. Yes, there is always cheaper out there, but I am more than willing even searching for the better, the fresher, the handmade and the quality over a quick buck.”

As Wyatt continues to make Cedar Falls home he has been getting involved with the Boys and Girls Club, doing some gardening on his own, and is looking forward to attending future co-op events using his co-op member discount at more local businesses. Welcome home Wyatt!

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