Fresh Garden Omelet

Fresh Garden Omelet


2 eggs

handful of onion chives

a few garlic chives or a some garlic

handful of baby tomatoes or one small tomato diced

fresh herbs (oregano, basil, thyme work great)

a large handful of arugula

fresh goat cheese (any cheese will work)

coconut oil (or any oil) for pan

salt and pepper to taste

Beat eggs with a small amount of water (1/2 tsp. or so). Set aside.

add a little oil to non-stick pan

Add tomatoes, chives, and herbs, to pan and cook just until tomatoes soften. 

Put cooked veggies in bowl and set to side. 

At a low to medium setting, add oil to pan again, then egg mixture.

Let eggs start to cook all the way through. when they are about done, add the cheese to one half of the omelet, then the veggie mixture, and the fresh arugula.

Use a large spatula to get under the opposite side of the omelet and turn that side over the omelet.

Slide off onto plate. Garnish with leftover herbs, chives, goat cheese and salt and pepper.

Add a side salad of fresh greens with a balsamic vinegar for a super feel good power breakfast.

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